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Many of you know I misdrilled the tailwheel spring weldment. With just one cleco and one clamp, the weldment was able to shift causing the misdrill. If I had to do it over I would drill each piece separately.

I discovered moments later that this was a $50 part from Van's and would set me back a few days until it arrived (let alone re-locating the 4 pilot holes). I posted here on VAF to find a few remedies and within an hour I had visited a local welder who quickly fixed my dilemma.

With that behind me it was time to start riveting. These rivets proved very difficult even after bending and shaping the tabs on the aft bulkhead. Some rivets are less than stellar and some of them are just ugly. I probably have a better chance now to drill them out but I fear it may make them worse.

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