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Default Bird Strike

Originally Posted by RV10inOz View Post
Lucky escape!

I fly from a field where there are literally hundreds, approaching a thousand at a time, IBIS.Look these up, they are not your average sparrow. They are a seriously big chook.

One word of advice from an old timer was this. Birds have no ability to out climb, their only defence is to dive. At takeoff, do not fly at best angle ever or even best rate if you don't have to. With birds crossing your path, never descend, as they will too. Fly at them, accelerating (extra energy for you) and then pull up.

So far in 9 years at this field....I have not hit one in thousands of take offs.

What you do when birds descend from above......try to miss as best you can.

Be careful!
I live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, (bird migration route.) Thousands of birds. I totally agree with David (Oz) above, always pull up when approaching a bird/flock conflict, unless the flock is above you. This has worked for me more times than I can count. Only one bird strike which I never saw until it was too late, small bird, small dent in leading edge. Other pilots report similar. Geese is the real danger here. They fly at night and at all altitudes including reports of over 10K.

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