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Default Look closely if unfamiliar

One word of caution if you choose to use some sort of "semi-permanent" bonding method for these screws.

I am going to stake them, but I just opened my brand new valve which came with the RV-14 kit. Everything looked fine and it was sealed from the factory. When I started to assemble the fittings with the screws I noticed a few of the screws were different lengths, and also a few of the screws had what looked like either cracks or notches cut into the face of the screws.

I emailed Andair and they confirmed that all of them should be the same length and they should not have any notches. They are now sending me new hardware. I am glad I didn't use Loctite 638 or similar as I would have more of a mess on my hands now. Hopefully my experience was an unusual one, hoping there aren't further quality issues inside the valve.

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