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Default RV-14 rear mounted battery

Yank, my neighbor here a Dogwood is well into his RV-14 build. Thanks to some good W&B data from other RV-14 builders he now has a strawman W&B to makes decisions on such things as where/how to mount a second battery.

Assuming a IO-390 EXP119 engine, Hartzell BA prop and the standard battery on the firewall, CG for most conditions is a little more forward of what you would want. Adding a 13.2 pound PC-625 battery aft of the baggage compartment provides for a nice W&B, even at gross and with 100 pounds of baggage.

Note: Calculations assumed battery install at 15 pounds to account for mounting and such.

Looking at the RV-14 rear bell crank mount I noted that the setup is identical to my current RV-10 build (I took my RV-10 bell crank and battery mount over to verify - exact fit).

So - using the Vans RV-10 parts in the RV-14 makes for a perfect aft battery mount. Here are the needed parts:
(1) F-1035
(1) F-1036
(2) 1/4x28x8 bolts
(4) 3/16 nutplates
(2) 1/4 nutplates

As a side note, this modification supports, and he may move the ELT forward to just behind the baggage compartment bulkhead.

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