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Originally Posted by rleffler View Post
You are over thinking the problem.

The number and size of wiring for most the avionics vendors are about the same.

On all my builds wire runs come at the end. Some thoughts:
- For the wings I find a single 1/2Ē cold water pipe from Lowes is large enough for all wing wiring (pitot heat, nav/strobes, Landing/taxi lights, autopilot servo, wingtip NAV antenna, etc.). If you built to plans the hole you drilled in the ribs are the right size for this pipe. For the left wing Pitot/AOA runs I add a separate 1/4Ē snap bushing for one of the tubes.
- Consider not purchasing the Vanís wiring kit as I find it does not meet my needs. For example I prefer three #20 conductor shielded wire for Nav/Strobes.
- On the RV-14 I found the tail wiring kit (with the plethora of molex connectors) to be more trouble than it is worth. Here simple wire runs are a good approach.
- Decisions to make now however include things like two axis electric trim, mounting a second ship battery, any change from the Vanís wing ADHARS mount and such. One decision to do before closing out the bottom of the left wing is what Pitot you will use. The must do part is the Pitot mast install (many can use the same mast). Nice to do is the Pitot Heat controller mount (if you end up with a pitot that has this - like the Dynon heated Pitot/AOA).
- Autopilot servo mounts are nice to do ahead of time, but can be done later.

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