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Originally Posted by lr172 View Post
Same here. I did everything plus paint in the garage. I assembled the 6A on the ramp in about 2 weeks. Wings went on the first day, so securing wasn't an issue. The 10 I did in a hanger (winter) and about 1 month to first flight.

I did wing fitting on the driveway to help with prep and then disassembled.

I did not want the hassle of having to go to the airport to work on the build.
Same here built the plane in the garage, trial fitted and rigged the wings one at a time in the garage and then both wings in the driveway, used store bolts and saved the close tolerance bolts for final assembly at airport. Built mine over 5 years largely working weekends due to work travel most weeks. Hangar was a 45 min drive so not easy to just "pop" over to work on the RV, but did have a hangar that could fit my Pacer and the RV. Finished the RV about a month after moving it to the hangar. The advantage of the garage was the ability to do something however small every time you went out there and the motivation of seeing the project take shape every time I went through the garage to drive somewhere.
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