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I left some green Imron primer (interior painted with Imron) around the screws of the canopy side and they bubbled with PPG DPLF primer. PPG primer has acetone as a thinner. If you don't use acetone to thin the primer surface is not as smooth. Washed off with acetone and repeated, 15 minute delay, another lesson. the can-o-pee got three coats of paint. first time to paint three coats. I let the second coat flash for 20 minutes before painting the third coat. three coats looks slightly smoother but I used a more paint but this is a small part. two coats would have been fine for this part but I had extra paint in the gun. for the wings and fuse I will use two coats. DT885 reducer, booth temp at first coat 80F, end of third coat 68F.... warm today. outside air temp 58F.

big rain today

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