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Originally Posted by XOverZero View Post
Most mid/south Orange County RVers hangar at Fullerton, Corona, or Chino. I'm a little familiar with the latter two, maybe someone else will chime in about KFUL. T-hangars currently start at $330 at Corona (KAJO) and availability is intermittent. At KCNO, figure on $325 for bare Port-a-port, $450 for tees w/power, up to around $1400 for 60x60. Usually something available.

From Irvine, drive to KAJO 25mi/25min, KCNO 30/30, both via toll road, a bit longer for free. Gas at KAJO is usually cheapest in the area. Several RVs at KAJO, many at KCNO (>30).

You can probably forget about John Wayne (KSNA). Not much chance of getting to the top of the waiting list during your lifetime and the cost will stop your heart.

Merry Christmas.
I lived in Irvine and had an airplane based out of KFUL in the 80's. The I-5 freeway traffic can be nightmarish. Also, the immediate area surrounding the airport is heavily developed which extremely limits your emergency landing site options.

Although the drive to KAJO and KCNO can also be slow, I would prefer these airports over KFUL. I would choose KCNO over KAJO. KAJO is in a flood plain and occasionally has gone under water. Maybe the flooding issue has been corrected, check with the locals before signing a lease.
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