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Currently, at CNO, Southwest Airport Developement has T's available for $475/mo.
These have power, water and most have restrooms (or at least a toilet).
These are located on the north east side of CNO. County T hangars
go for $290 - $320 depending on size. These have minimal power and no water
or restrooms. These are also on the NE side. Currently there is a waiting list, but
turn over lately has been brisk. Larger hangars for rent for much more $$$$.
Don't know the port a port situation on the central/west side of the airport.
But these have no power. When you know if your are headed west, and are
interested in CNO, PM me and I will update.
Tom Prokop
Chino, CA
RV-8A,180/CS/Carb, AFS 4500 EFIS/EMS
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