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Most mid/south Orange County RVers hangar at Fullerton, Corona, or Chino. I'm a little familiar with the latter two, maybe someone else will chime in about KFUL. T-hangars currently start at $330 at Corona (KAJO) and availability is intermittent. At KCNO, figure on $325 for bare Port-a-port, $450 for tees w/power, up to around $1400 for 60x60. Usually something available.

From Irvine, drive to KAJO 25mi/25min, KCNO 30/30, both via toll road, a bit longer for free. Gas at KAJO is usually cheapest in the area. Several RVs at KAJO, many at KCNO (>30).

You can probably forget about John Wayne (KSNA). Not much chance of getting to the top of the waiting list during your lifetime and the cost will stop your heart.

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