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Originally Posted by JeremyL View Post
My vote is a 7 or an 8. Simple avionics with the ability to add a GPS navigator. You just have to decide on tandem or not. Id recommend getting a flight in them. Also, what is your budget and how big of a fella are you, if you don't mind me asking?
Havenít really got around to a real budget number yet since I havenít picked a model. I could see spending $100K for a well built 8, but obviously less if looking at a 4. A really nice Pitts S1S would run $45-50k. Right now Iím just trying to learn what will fit my shop and future strip and figure out what Iím wanting to get, and also if I even really want to get something. When the job situation stabilizes I want to go fly different planes. I might find that all I really want is to go up and tumble in a Pitts, I may want more basic aerobatics and the ability to travel in a RV, and I might find that itís not for me. As far as the fat factor. Iím 5í, 10ĒĒ and about 225 lbs. Also fairly broad shoulders, so side by side in most certified planes that Iíve flown was cozy.
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