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One could almost buy a single seat Pitts and a RV 4 for the price of a good RV8, although properly maintaining both could get expensive. I donít even know if IFR is a must for me. Iíd really only want to go fishing on good weather days and Iím not a believer in single engine IMC unless you have redundant systems, backup instruments, an autopilot for something responsive like RVís, and ceilings high enough to pop out of the clouds with a failed engine and have plenty of time to select a suitable landing spot and glide to it. Night IMC is out of the question unless I could glide to a lighted runway when clear of clouds. Is the cost of instruments and maintaining the plane IFR current even worth the expense if all Iím wanting to do is pop through a 3,000í overcast or broken layer and cruise on top?
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