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Originally Posted by David Paule View Post
If you hadn't mentioned wanting some acro capability, an RV-9 or -9A would do what you want. Take a look at some of the places Vlad goes into.

Iíd be far more likely to fly something with aerobatic capabilities. That could be a fun toy. Iím also a pretty good sized guy and Iíd like to be able to occasionally take a passenger on a trip or for an aerobatic ride. Iíd never go fly a utility type plane just because it is a nice day. A go somewhere only plane would be nothing but a useful tool to be used when I wanted to travel. It sure would be handy to fly 1.5 hours to Gastonís rather than drive for 7. I simply wouldnít use a transportation only airplane enough to really justify having one. One of the things that I like about the RV line is that it is an all metal design, and there is a model for everyone. Iíve also given serious thought to just getting a really nice Pitts S1-S for around $50k and driving to go fish several times a year. The Pitts would fit my current 20í roll up door without having to modify my shop, but it is purely a single purpose machine. COVID hit the airline industry hard, so I have time to think and save while I wait for some job stability to return.
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