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Default 5" SCAT Installed - Little Change

I installed the 5" SCAT tube to the oil cooler using the Vans supplied parts. I saw no change in oil temps at cruise, however, slower speeds in the pattern had lower oil temps (around 195-205).

Data for todays flight (25 hours on IO-390)
OAT 53
ALT 4500 MSL
MAP 24
RPM 2400
Mixture - Full Rich
Oil Temp 212 (No change from 4" SCAT)
CHTs 325, 315, 298, 299
EGTs 1210, 1185, 1225, 1225

My frustration with high oil temp remains. Here are my takeaways at this point.

1) Oil Cooler airflow is maxed out at cruise. The 5" SCAT had zero impact to oil temps or CHT's . The 4" SCAT was providing the max airflow that could make it thru the cooler at cruise. Maybe a little lower oil temps in the pattern while doing touch and go's with the 5" SCAT, which may be worth it.

2) I have RTVed every seam, crack, hole, etc around baffles. Multiple tubes of RTV and multiple sessions. Nothing changed in oil temp although CHT's have been lowered.

3) Oil temp sensor has been verified with testing.

Something seems to be regulating the oil temp around 210 degrees at cruise power settings. In my mind either the vernatherm is not working at the proper temp or the oil cooler has restricted oil flow.

So, I need your votes on whether to replace the vernatherm or the oil cooler next?

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