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Default RV-8 Tailwheel Steering Geometry

I recently found quite a bit of wear in my Aviation Products tailwheel attach block with 1500 hours on it. This is allowing the fork a fair amount of fore and aft motion that I?d like to stop.

I called Karen and ordered the parts. My airplane currently has a 20 degree attach block installed (see photo attached) but this puts the top of the steering shaft forward of the fork...which I gather is less than ideal. I don?t get any tailwheel shimmy, but I can feel the wheel spinning around the instant I set the tail down until I get some weight on it.

API also offers a 10 degree unit, which would put the steering closer to the correct geometry, but I understand will make steering stiffer...I?m concerned about added wear to the steering system if that is the case.

What angle API blocks are you guys running with your chain setups?
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