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Default Another question about your plane/config

Originally Posted by gfb View Post
If folks are on the fence, I'd happily give you a ride in my Titan IO-340 powered 9A. The 340 is a PHENOMENAL engine for the 9, I can't say enough good things about this.

^^not a paid advertisement, just a very happy customer!
[Been "offline" for some time due to "new" work requirements.]

What prop do you have?

Was your plane the one at the Continental booth last year for Airventure? If so, I was trying to catch you but failed.)

I have what may be the original 340 on a side-by-side (RV6), and converted from the original carburetor to AFP fuel injection (worked with Don to develop a kit that would work with the OLD RV6, O-320, "tight" cowl).
With this configuration, I have been trying to sort something out and would like to have a dialog (offline) with you and ANYONE who has fuel injected 340 with Whirlwind RV200.

Thanks for ANY reply!
James E. Clark
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