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Originally Posted by RFSchaller View Post
I canít remember this part. Itís been almost 9 years since I finished my build, but hereís a stupid question: which way is the angle pointing, toward or away from the viewer? Isometric drawings can be confusing. Check the context in which the part is to be used to be sure ou have the correct side to countersink.
Not at all a dumb question. I can stare at the rib drawings and watch them alternate between pointing into and out of the page like some of the optical illusions in my old college psychology texts.

In this case, the sides are bent towards us, and this piece nests inside another angle. I used the countersink bit in the hand deburring tool to make the countersink, and it worked great! I've since used it to clean up a couple of machine countersinked holes that were off by a couple thousandths.

Now, getting the rivets to stay put while I squeezed them, that's another story. Let's just say I got lots of experience drilling out rivets between this and the nut plates on the vertical stabilizer rear spar. To digress, however, it's really refreshing doing a project with no deadlines in which taking time to fix problems doesn't put you behind a schedule.
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