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Riley, It's really good that you are asking here, and that you are testing these lines. Small leaks can be annoying since they make your aircraft smell like fuel, and large leaks can cause a fire.

The advice you are getting here is really solid. Looking at your photos I can't agree more with Scott and Bob, although I don't have 1% of the experience these gentlemen have. What I do know is that I too have been faced with the "oh ****, I did it wrong, now I have to do it again" moment several times during my build. At first, I wanted to defend the way I did it, justify it, rationalize it. Getting over that instinct (character flaw?) was not easy. Anytime someone suggests a better way to do something, I am delighted, since I've found another way to make my aircraft safer and more reliable.

After about a dozen inspections by different people during my build, most of which had a suggestion or question, I feel like each suggestion made things better. I think the suggestions you are getting from this thread to re-do your flares and to carefully clean out the thread sealant will make your aircraft safer.

One of the best things about this community is that very experienced people genuinely want you to build a safe, reliable aircraft, and they invest time in helping "newbies" like us to do so - for free!
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