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I have recent experience of this fitting and would recommend removing the gear leg. I noticed a leak there and it is possible to remove the fitting from the gear leg. But what neither I or my partner could do is get the AN fitting started as we tried to put it back in. We could not get our hand at the right angle to do that one turn to get the first thread started before getting a wrench on it. On top of that you have sealant on the threads so you will get that all over the gear leg or you.

I'm still in the building process but it probably took 30 mins to remove the tank and get the leg out and then another 45 mins to put it back and torqued correctly vs the 1.5 hour we wasted getting the fitting out and our attempt to get it back in.

I'm still having problems getting the fitting to be leak free at the base of the gear leg but will post on a separate thread.

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