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Default Building Airplanes…..Creating Futures

First I want to thank Vansairforce for showcasing my search for volunteers this past Monday. Hopefully some other programs will get inquiries as well.

I am not sure the last contributer, Charlie12, is inspiring anyone to join a student build program.

One of the reasons our program, and I am sure others as well, exists is to pass along our knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of aviation. I believe we adults/mentors bear a responsibility to do this.

While the tangible results of the student program is an airplane that is not the most important part. Helping each student, motivated or not, develop into a productive adult with goals, skills and confidence is what brings me back to each build session.

It is very rewarding to see the student that seemed lost in the beginning becoming one of the stars.

I encourage anyone to join.

Last item. One of the workshop rules is that phones are not allowed in the building!!

Alan Muhs
Southern Arizona Teen Aviation
Tucson, Arizona
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