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Default Fitting

The information shown in post #4 will lead you to the previous discussions about how this can be done without removing the gear. In that case it was a Grove gear on a RV8.
As far as tools there are a couple of options. Remove the nylon line and fitting. Screw a nut on the 90 degree fitting and turn it with an open end wrench or even an adjustable wrench, starting with the wrench on the nut.
Second option is to cut off the end of a cheap open end wrench and weld on a flat steel bar at a 90 degree angle. It may be necessary to create two wrenches with different angles.
Another alternative is to cut off the end of the 90 degree fitting and remove the remaining piece with vice grips. In that case replace the 90 degree fitting with a 90 degree street elbow and appropriate straight fitting for the nylon line.
The street elbows are automotive or industrial fittings
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