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We spent another night at the Zilik's home (along with another sit by the campfire making S'mores). Before lights out, I called Mercedes
to set up a meet-time at TEX, and she said, "We're already here!" That was easy! Here's the place that Mercedes and Sean stayed at, a VERY NICE PLACE!

Monday morning, we got the planes out of the hangar and preflighted for the ~190nm flight to Telluride (via Salina, Monarch Pass, Gunnison);

We departed a 3-ship with Gary in the lead. I was able to get a nice picture of his plane and downtown Denver;

Here are the Mills following the Ziliks in trail flying the beautiful Colorado Rockies and a short clip (75meg) of our gaggle over the Blue Mesa Resevoir,
just west of Gunnison (GUC);

In the picture below, Telluride Airport is around the corner to the left of the green (not snow lined) ridgeline you see off to the left of the
tip of the prop blade. We are on a 180deg flying south;

Once you turn the corner (90degs left), here's what you see on final to runway 9 looking east into the canyon. The town of Telluride lies
at the end of the runway, in the 'bowl', about 300' lower;

Here's a short clip (26meg) Tuppergal took on final (look
for the runway).

If you do a go-around, here's what you'd see on the downwind (looking west).

Flight time to Telluride was 1.5 hours. We've been into TEX three times now but this is the first time we landed at the airport since
they had the runway re-worked. I talked to the manager and he told me they lowered the RWY 9 approach end 35', lowered the RWY 27
approach end 14' and added 16' feet to the center of the runway.

The elevation of the airport went from 9078' to 9070' feet. Tuppergal and I have (now vintage) sweatshirts that say, "Some people fly
at 9078', we land!" Now they sell shirts that show 9070' ;-) RVs on any ramp always look good!

We met Mercedes and Sean (along with their friends Travis & Elizabeth) after a short ride into town, and we had breakfast at an old
hotel called the Sheridan (very nice).

The camera does not capture the absolute beauty of the canyon that Telluride lies in... you just need to fly-in and see it for yourself!
Click here for the full-size picture of the picture below.

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