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Default Update on Owner:

I reached out to the mission originator (Sharon) a week ago for the back-story on the owner of the dog. The information is below. Had some forum troubles posting :-(

I am surprised this went negative so quick or at all.

Some information on the originator first: Sharon is a friend from High School that belongs to numerous charitable organizations. She is a busy mom with plenty to do, yet she participates in Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness walks, and anything that involves the safe care of or rescue of animals. She volunteers with animal rescue / shelter organizations and is a rescue dog owner (x2) herself. My wife and I support her efforts because we admire her energy and initiative, that is the right thing to do, and because she is so selfless.

I introduced Sharon to the many links of P-N-P stories from my favorite site, Van's Airforce. The RV community has shown her and I how great people can be. She has not registered here since she's not an RV person and seems a bit shy posting here among us plane guys, even though I assured her she would be a welcome addition to the community here (interests in RV's or not).

If you feel this mission request does not meet the criteria or spirit of Pilots-N-Paws or it is outside the parameters of what should be posted on Van's Airforce, please let me know and I will remove this post and be on my way.

Thanks All, Happy Landings & Happy New Year!

Here's an update from Sharon:
"Hey Kevin! Owner is a friend of my BFF. Due to divorce, she had to move and has recently been settling in in AZ. Wanted to wait until the birth of her first grandchild ( couple of weeks ago) before bringing Casey out. A fellow Animal Lifeline volunteer has been temporarily fostering her. When owner looked into flying Casey out to AZ, she realized how time consuming and expensive it is and simply can not afford it. Owner has had her for 9 years and desperately wants to get her out to AZ but because of her age, the drive is not possible. That's where volunteer pilots come in. I figured if we could get someone to take Casey back to her owner, they would be reunited and can live happily ever after. . If you need more info, let me know.
Thanks so much!
Happy Landings!
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