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Default Help Request: Pilots-n-Paws - NJ to AZ

My dear friend Sharon is active with a local animal rescue/shelter group. I've shared a few stories with her about your successes here and she asked if I could post a transport mission request. This is to reunite a senior dog with her owner. Sharon has enlisted the help of the trucker's network in the past, but this dog would not ride out such a long trip. RV's are fast, so maybe we can coordinate something for her. Any help would be apprecated. Trip & dog info along with Sharon's info is below.

Thank You, Happy Landings, & Happy Holidays!

"Ok, here's what I know. Start point would be Doylestown Airport (but we could switch that to Blue Bell, or Robbinsville, NJ if necessary). End point can either be Scottsdale Airpark or Deer Valley Airport. 1 passenger, female black lab;medium size; somewhat anxious but will be given medication. I will be the contact person. My email is and cell is 609-558-8721. Any time in the beginning or middle of February is good. Dog will be going from temporary foster to her original owner in AZ. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you so much for your help on this. This is a special case because the owner had to give her up temporarily and they will be reunited in February."
Happy Landings!
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