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Originally Posted by Bicyclops View Post
I did a lot of work on a one-off motorglider that had the vertical pivot shaft of the tailwheel yoke mounted parallel to the aft bulkhead of the fuselage. It is a castoring setup with no steering links. With the tail down on the ground the shaft pointed forward about ten degrees. The wheel wanted to do anything but follow the airplane and, once it spun around and got the tailwheel forward of the post, it sat down an inch or so. That made it very difficult to get it back pointed the right direction. We went through a set of brake pads trying to figure it out before first flight. I finally remounted it to be pretty much exactly vertical with the wheel on the ground and it turned into a pussycat and very well mannered. I get it that the shaft past vertical aft isn't ideal, but whatever you do, don't go past vertical forward trying to fix it.

Ed Holyoke
Ed, what you describe sounds like the lower end of the pivot axis is forward of the upper end of the axis. So can you clarify what you mean by 'shaft pointed forward'? It seems to me that if the upper end of the shaft is forward, then the weight effect will help keep the wheel straight.
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