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I seem to find a use for extra:

AN3A and -4A bolts from about the shortest they make through 1-1/2"
-3 and -4 nylon locknuts
standard size washers (960?) in everything from #6 to -4 in thick and thin
panhead stainless screws in #6 and #8 from short to about 1"
flat (tapered, flush) stainless screws in #6 and #8
Axle cotter pins
Copper spark plug washers
Nylon washers in #6 and #8

Of course as somebody else already said, you can have $1000's in extra hardware neatly organized in bins and still be short the exact 50 cent bolt you desperately need to go flying! Sometimes I think if Spruce shut down for a week, I could fulfill most of their orders for a month!
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