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Default Dem Dunes Part II

Chicago approach was very helpful and provided advisories down the shoreline at 2700ft. We landed at Gary and the people at B Coleman were ready for us. They brought the car out and loaded out bag - great service! 10 min later we were off to the lake!!

Our first stop was the beach at Indiana Dunes State Park - a little cool for swimming, but great for hiking

Blue water, blue sky - no crowds!

Top of a dune overlooking the beachhouse

Next we hiked the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore - free access and really pretty!

The biggest dune, Mt Baldy, is closed b/c it swallowed a kid last year - run it thru the Google...

Does not quite scream Indiana, does it?

This did not turn out well

But this made the whole trip worthwhile!

Really worth the trip if you are in the midwest or looking for a OSH side trip!

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