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Regarding the Drift 4K, the manual states that it has 2 external microphones, one in front one in back that can be selected through the setup menu. Those are going to be useless inside the airplane. Among other places, Flightflix sells cable adapters to tie an external microphone into your headset so that what you hear in your headset is recorded on the camera. I have never used any and so have no idea how well they may, or may not, work. They can be found at:

I think the FOV is adjusted with software. It can be set in the settings menu to either 90, 115, or 140 degrees. In addition, on the top of the camera is a zoom control. I believe that is done via software and not optically. If you go beyond about 50% zoom the image gets really grainy.

I have tried controlling it with the phone app without much success. I had it it mounted on the wing when I tried it, but it didn't work very well. Also, battery life is degraded when using the app.

The manual for the Drift 4K is available here:
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