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Originally Posted by Bookworm1707 View Post
Hear hear, well said. All they are asking is to have a look at what they're doing/attempting. If they were saying to put a deposit down or similar then they might deserve the negativity they seem to be getting.

And they didn't start this last week and say we can get this running overnight. They know they have a slog ahead of them. Will they make it, no idea. But thanks for having a crack at it and at worst they may help the next group that tries.
Thanks Ross and Bookworm. Iím happy to say that the levels of negativity are low, but the levels of encouragement we receive is off-scale high and we appreciate that.

We have a small core team within TurbAero that has been supported by a team of external specialist contractors numbering in the 20s who have contributed a huge effort over the last 4 years to design this engine. The amount of initial design work and the work done on subsequent design iterations has been enormous and the analytical work resulting from all the design work has been astronomical. That work will continue throughout the prototyping and testing phases, as we learn lessons from the fabrication of components and subsequent testing. This will be to the benefit of our experimental community in finally having a turbine option, something that some have been hoping for for a long time (me anyway).

I hope that by engaging with the experimental community along the way that some members may find the journey interesting. Seeing parts being made and coming together is possibly more interesting to some on this forum than actually seeing the finished product. That is the nature of the experimental community.

I think that the response that we received at Oshkosh validates our belief that our journey will interest the Vans community. Of course, we donít want anyone waiting too long for the final product to be available so rest assured that we are pushing along as hard as we can, ensuring that it is done in a responsible manner to ensure the safety of all concerned along the way.
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