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Default Hot topic question

Okay hereís a question for the brain trust of Vans Air Force. I was wondering just how hot it gets in the cowl behind the baffle walls in the unpressurized portion of the engine area? I was looking for wire supports for my Slick magneto wires and I couldnít find anything that fits. Lots of harness supports out there but theyíre for the automotive market and too big. I made my own supports out of Delrin to organize and support my harness. After I was finished and installed them, I asked myself if there was a chance of melting or deformity could occur. I did a google search on the melting point of Delrin and itís about 374 degrees F. So I put a few Delrin offcuts in a toaster oven and it does seem to melt around 350 degrees (the round dial temperature control is probably not that accurate). In my google search, I learned that Delrin is a thermoplastic which means it will melt at a given temperature. Materials like Vespal or Torlon are Thermoset plastic meaning that it will not melt. Plastics like these two would be perfect but unfortunately are prohibitively expensive. So Iím just wondering if my Delrin wire supports will survive the harsh environment inside the cowl? Has anybody worked with another type of plastic, I am not aware of. Thanking everyone in advance. Like I said, a hot topic.
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