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I have the SC-8 grip with the soft feel on my -14A and like it a lot (180hrs). The soft feel is just that, softer than gripping a hard plastic piece but not "squishy" feeling and I like it. Button setup is similar but I have the small button under the PTT setup as TO/GA for missed approaches.

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I'm about to pull the trigger, so to speak, on a Tosten grip for my RV-14A. I'm leaning toward the 8 function CS-8 grip and looking for opinions from owners who've been flying their RV-14As a while. Any experience with the soft feel coating? I'm planning aileron/elevator trim for hat switch, trigger for PTT, index button for change frequency, top left for autopilot on/off, and top right for altitude hold on/off. Has anyone had good experience with a different configuration? I'm installing at Garmin G3X. Also, was not planning to install right hand stick initially.
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