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Default RPM Limits

The EPI's do have a rev limiter which will stop firing the spark plugs when you hit it.

The default value for both the "A" and "B" curves is 3072.

The rev limiter can be raised and lowered in the following increments: 3072, 2816, & 2560.

Why is it there if you can't set it at your redline? Well, aircraft engines can run over redline and it is there to save your engine if you have a problem, such a CS prop's governor goes "wonky", it will keep your engine from grenading. These pre-defined values are a feature of the EPIs and not the EICommander, just to be clear.

I would not want to hit the rev limiter in a large displacement four cylinder aviation engine. In fact, we have not tested it as we do want to fly behind our engines; however, the Emag guys have tested it and they assure me it works.

(While auto racing I often hit the rev limiter in my car and on occasion ran on the limiter rather than shifting. As I said, I'm not so sure I want to see what happens to our large displacement four cylinder engines when they bump against a hard rev limiter.)
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