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MT Prop saga continues. The quick summary. Prop started spitting grease a year after I bought the plane. It was due for overhaul due to calendar months so I spent the big money and had it overhauled. 13 mos later it was spitting grease again. MT covered the re-seal AND dynamic balancing. Pretty cool huh? Except the thing starting spitting grease 12 hours after the re-seal. I wrote numerous emails and MT said they would make me a new hub and fit overhauled blades on it and exchange it for mine. Ok, it would be a zero time took them 5 months or so to compete this task so I flew my original prop and had to clean the windscreen often. But today, they came through. I am not happy to have issues but I am very happy that they are standing behind their product. I haven't paid them a dime since the overhaul. From talking to the prop technician who removed, replaced, and balanced the new prop I feel lucky. He himself was surprised to see them take such good care of me...I am not even the original purchaser. He said other manufacturers rarely go to this length to keep customers happy.

Anyway, here's some pics.

Here's "Tweety" decowled and depropped.

Old prop and new prop!

New prop installed and balanced. The tech was able to record a ZERO IPS! ZERO! As in NO VIBRATION! He had to enter .001 to make it a legal entry in the logbook. According to the FAA there is no such thing as ZERO IPS.

This issue robs me of precious build time but I do learn something...I feel confident I could remove and install my prop if I had to, something I wouldn't have dreamed of before today. The learning never stops. I just hope I can remember everything I learn.
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