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Default FrankenSnorkel

That sure is a terrifying tale. But I'm spooked as to why all that was necessary.
I've done four snorkels. One for the Doll, and three for other builders, and non of that was necessary! Are you sure you started with the correct snorkel? I wouldn't bet my life on it, but I believe there are two models.

I start by fitting the left baffling to the engine. Then I remove the front baffle piece that the snorkel fit to. Then I clamp the snorkel's flange to the throttle body, and swing the snorkel up until it just about hits the starter. Using the angles that attach the front baffle to the engine, I trace a cutting line on each side of the snorkel at the proper height and slope so as to match the front baffle. When I cut the snorkel, I add enough length to the cut to allow for the K&N filter to fit. Then I install the front baffle and cleco the snorkel to it using the mounting angles. Now you can see exactly where to cut the square hole in the front baffle, but I don't do that until the next step is complete.

(Note: I rivet a .040 doubler to the front baffle, and use the rubber seal of the K&N filter to make the seal with the baffle instead of using the filter mounting hardware. If you plan to use the mounting hardware the snorkel is not cut shorter to allow for the filter)

I cut off the snorkel's mounting flange at the throttle body. That angle is never quite right! With the mounting flange drilled and bolted to the throttle body, I glass the snorkel back to the flange at the correct angle.

The only cutting done to the snorkel is at the mounting flange, and to the other end to match it to the front baffle. There is nothing that horrifying about it!

As to cowling is very tight. It is important that the gap between the spinner back plate and front of the cowling be kept to a minimum!

The Doll has to places where the inside of the lower cowling contacts the snorkel during high G flight. I used a couple pieces of the nylon material Van supplies for the flaps to wear against the wing to insulate the contact points with the cowling.
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