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Default Petit Jean 2013 Video and Pictures

It was really a good time and we have LOTS of pictures but having some trouble with the uploads. In the meantime, this is a link to Friday arrival pictures from Dan Valovich.

Dan is a professional photographer and he shot these on arrivals. Didn?t get everyone Friday but a lot. We have a lot more pictures but having trouble posting so we?ll get to them later. These are good!

Link to Video by Randall Warren. This one just shows a lot of different views around the ramp, campground, Conference Center Dinner and about 3 minutes of some really nice formation flying that was photographed off the Point at Petit Jeans Gravesite. It's worth looking at! Pay particular attention at the 8:00 minute time hack. Some cool looking formation shots looking down on the formations. Next year we are going to have a BIG lens and do it closer and slower. We'll plan it next time so anyone can get in the picture.

Here is a link to another 300 or so pictures of your closest RV buddies from Petit Jean 13 ... what a weekend ...

Falcon group shape up?. Next year, we might have to have a formation fly-off contest with Falcon and MidSouth Groups. We?ll be practicing up this year to be ready See'ya in Pine Bluff!

Randall says to run this at 1080HD if you can ?.. whatever that means. For me, it just means click on this to see it.

Glad everyone could make it to the Gathering. Should be 83 RVs to vouch for a good time
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