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Originally Posted by Capt View Post
Nice work, good choice too with the third wheel where it belongs!
Details we need details -
Thanks for the comments guys! She's powered by an 0-360 A1AD, has fixed pitch Sensenich prop, basic classic steam gauge panel (I love vintage aircraft!) with a GTR200 comm and GTX330ES transponder. A couple of minor mods in the form of a centre console with the engine controls plus fuel selector and gauges; and I've omitted the fibreglass lip that usually goes over the windscreen to overlap the edge of the canopy. Instead there's a bulb seal to keep the drafts out.

Nigel reports that she flies straight and true, temps & pressures where they should be. Baffles are stock Van's with all the gaps carefully sealed and the washer trick employed on #3 - CHTs maxed at 400 in the climb settling to 350 in cruise, and that's on overhauled cylinders and pistons, so very pleased with that result. Possibly a bit under-propped with the standard pitch so may look at a cruise prop at some stage once I have more data.
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