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Default MT prop spitting grease after overhaul

My MT metal c/s prop (MTV-15) was spitting grease at around 250 hours ttsn. Calendar months suggested an overhaul vs a re-seal so I bit the bullet and had it overhauled by an MT authorized prop shop. It wasn't cheap! Here we are 18 months later and the prop is spitting grease again, 135 hours smoh.

I LOVE this prop and it always works flawlessly but black grease on a bright yellow cowl is certainly disturbing. I dropped off the plane to the same prop shop...I wrote MT an email expressing my concerns and told them I expect them to cover the repair even though I am past the 12 month warranty after the overhaul. This thing only has 135 hours on it! And I noticed the leak about 10 hours ago, so that 125! Obviously I am bummed out. We'll see if MT steps up to the plate or not..... Stay tuned!

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