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Default Big South Part 3

We caught "Tennessee Lobster" in the crick....

There was Moonshine tasting......

and we found fungi in the woods!

Too soon the trip was over. The weather was interesting for the trip home....

Visibility out of Knoxville was legal, but not much fun. We worked up to Louisville and saw the line of storms on XM - I called approach and told them I wanted to set down to consider options. The people at KJVY could not have been nicer - an RV-7 builder/flyer even stopped to say hi and let me know that any help I might need - he could set me up. Makes you feel good.

The storms passed and we headed for Ames, IA since Minne was getting pummeled by thunder. We stopped at 3I3, Sky King for cheap gas and met some great folks there. Nice little airport if you are ever passing by.

Clouds kept us low over the breadbasket.......Illinois is FLAT!

Soon the clouds cleared and we found 6500ft much cooler. Great view of the Mississippi from up there.

We made it to Ames and had dinner with Andi's Mom, and by the time we got back to the airport, the storms had cleared and we blasted off for Minne. It was good to be home!!

APRS tells the story.....

2000 miles - 84 gallons - 13.5 hrs chock to chock.

One great week with the wife!

Amateur Plane - RV-9A N789PH - 2500+ Hrs
Amateur Radio - KD0CVN
Doggies Delivered - 25+
St. Paul, MN

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