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It is not Mike Busch's red box actually, but anyway.

The simple answer is Wide Open throttle all the time unless you need to slow down.

Prop.....anywhere in the 2300-2500 range, that is smooth and happy, most find the 2350-2450 area works well.

Red Knob..... Full rich for take off, WOT/2700 in the climb, lean occasionally to keep your EGT's in the 1280-1320 range. Once at cruise altitude do a big mixture pull, then fly LOP to destination.

IO360 will burn about 7.9USGPH in the 8-9,000 feet range, more down low, less up higher. I can give you a rough number but you just need to refine the BMP technique.

John Deakins articles make this easy to read and understand. Read articles 63-66 here

Read the rest too.

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