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Default Followed your suggestion - he could care less

[quote=swaltner;1235473]Sorry to hear about the trouble while visiting 1K1. The ramp was pretty full today yesterday as this was the first nice flying day in a while. While I wouldn?t expect or request compensation, I?d be sure to contact the airport owners at and let them know of the incident

I used the above web address to contact the owner by email. He subsequently called me and started out by saying ?we don?t advertise grass parking.? He went on to say, ?he has numerous aircraft and when he parks on grass he assumes full responsibility.? I told him I also assume responsibility for my own aircraft but that if he wants people to fly to 1K1 and eat at their restaurant then he either needs to address his limited ramp space or at least setup some type of ground maintenance program to ensure people who fly there to eat at his restaurant have a safe place to park. I suggested he might want to add to his AWOS message something that addresses the poor grassy areas that are unsuitable for parking along with his current one about having to back taxi for runway 35 departures. He strongly disagreed because he doesn?t advertise grass parking.

He felt people should assume full responsibility and that he has no responsibility to provide adequate safe parking space above the limited ramp space he currently has, BUT he still wants people to fly into Stearman to eat.

He did not like me saying negative things about his airport. He can?t have it both ways. He wants people to fly into Stearman and eat at the restaurant but does not feel responsible for adequate, safe parking sites.

We both agreed I will not return. I don?t like saying negative things about airports but at the same time people should know about hazardous environments and the attitude of those who operate them.
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