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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
Once drove all the way to Kansas to buy a Breezy. The Cub wings turned out to be homebuilt plywood wings, the fuselage welding was "improved" with a nice fairing of Bondo over each joint, and the 150 hours on the Franklin apparently referred to time spent under water.

Another to a well known airpark community in Florida to bring home a 75% GlaStar project. Everything was fine except the wings and tails, which are conventional riveted aluminum much like an RV. I swear the guy had set all the rivets with a roofing hatchet. Never before and never since have I seen rivet work that bad.

There were more, but my favorite was close to home. My buddy Ron asked me to go with him to look at a nice little aerobatic airplane. Turned out I knew the seller from previous adventures roadracing motorcycles; great guy, but sure to have pushed the airplane to its limits. Well, the airplane was nice, and my two buddies made a sort of handshake deal, subject to spouse approval and a good night's sleep. The seller said he would fly a little demonstration before we went. So, we watched him strap in and fire up. About 10 seconds later one of the motor mount bolts fell out of the cowl. It had broken cleanly at a worn spot.

No, Ron didn't buy it.
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