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Originally Posted by az_gila View Post
I agree, but why make it harder on the builder to carefully control the amount of setting to precisely meet the Mil-spec standard at it's minimum level?
When the option is to simply use a -6 length rivet to give the builder much more tolerance in his/her riveting.

What is Vans thickness tolerance on the powder coating since 4 layers come into the equation?
When the day comes that you have spent 100's of hours doing builder tech support that includes selling frustrated builders new parts to replace the ones they messed up while drilling out clinched over rivets ( which occurred because they are a rank beginner, the hinge bearing is one of the first parts they build, and a -6 rivet is at the long end of the season tolerance range which makes them very prone to clinching over if the setting process is not done perfectly) that everyone on VAF said they should remove. (How is that for a run on sentence?) Then I might concede to your suggestion.
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