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Exclamation Thicknesses

Originally Posted by Warbo View Post
G’day Todd,
Have a look in Section 5 General Information in your preview plans where it talks about riveting. You will find this note:
NOTE: There are times when the correct rivet length is not available. Depending on the application a shorter rivet can be used or a longer rivet cut to the proper length. Using a longer rivet, as is, can result in the shank being bent over like a nail. We have chosen to use a rivet that may seem too short in some places, but will do the job adequately.
I’m pretty sure this is one of those occasions where Van’s have chosen a shorter rivet that will do the job adequately.
I would disagree.

If you add up the thicknesses involved - two x 0.050 and 0.063 - then calculation would give a theoretical 5.5 rivet length. The protrusion of a -5 rivet would only be 1.25X rather than the usual 1.5X.

That would be acceptable but - add to that stack-up 4 layers of usually quite thick Vans powder coating and 2 layers of whatever primer you are using and the 1.25X exposure number rapidly decreases.

A -6 rivet would be appropriate.
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