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Will I ever finish this write up? Sure but not today

Moriarty got me thinking. Four more fuel loads to burn, almost 50 hours already flown without oil change, left main tire seems losing air and weather at Key West is not for VFR pilot. I am in NM. Somewhat tired. Why don't I fly home, change oil, take a good sleep and go to Key West afterwards? Am I smart and efficient decision maker?

Heading East. Whiskey compass happy with strong tailwinds. I pushed throttle to 51% power and immediately joined 200 kts Club. Right after I took the picture my Lycoming went back to jogging mode.

Texas baby! They say there is a nice restaurant in Amarillo but real Texans live in Hereford and I headed there.

I landed at several TX airports before but let me tell you Hereford is unique. The airport fence borders a big cattle ranch. You can smell this airport from 10 mile final. Nice lady in jeans and boots pumps your fuel and there are donuts and coffee in the kitchen. No ranch spirits ever penetrated terminal's walls.

While I was busy consuming airport rations the manager lady stepped to the kitchen and told me about a phone call waiting for me. Phone call? What?
My pea sized brain was spinning who might call? About what? Friendly Administration maybe for noise over the ranch? The manager wasn't smiling either she looked rather worried.

Hey Vlad; - said phone tube, - why don't you turn south our way we have VansCave under construction. I am one of your fans tracking you...

For the life of me I don't know who he was. I thought I knew. Please identify yourself good buddy you got me at Hereford

Another leg. Working as autopilot I trimmed a bit wing heavy and it's going nowhere to the right.

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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