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Originally Posted by rvanstory View Post
I like running LOP and have been playing with injector restrictors to get my GAMI spread as close as possible. My #6 cylinder is always my hottest, regardless of what I've tried. I do NOT want to start cutting for cowl flaps or other mods.

Right now, it seems I have a choice between the "lesser of two evils". With the stock restrictor in #6 (.0280) I have "ok" CHT's in climb with only #6 going above 400 to about 405 in climbout. I'm ok with that. But in cruise, #6 will run around 385-390. A little higher than I want since other CHT's are at or below 360.

When I put a 1/2 size restrictor in the #6 nozzle, my cruise CHT on #6 goes down to around 365 (perfect!). BUT, my climb out CHT gets as high as 421!

So, question is, am I better with cooler #6 in climb? Or better with a cooler #6 in cruise?
390 at LOP cruise seems pretty high, unless only 10-20* LOP, and might indicate an issue other than mixture, eventhough a fatter mixture makes it better. My GAMI spread is about .3 (not possible to get any better in my configuration) and at 8K' in LOP cruise, I see between 330 and 355 on #6 (also my hottest) in the summer, depending upon ambients. I generally cruise at 50-80* LOP
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