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Default Thanks George

Thank you for, as always, a well thought out and detailed opinion on my topic. I talked to the fellow again and he eventually improved his software to work pretty well, contrary to Steins' opinion. Not a fly & forget, but not $2,000 either! I have flown cross country with a Navaid that does a good job once it "hooks up" which takes a few tries. But it takes me 20 minutes or so to get the trim to smooth out and stay within 100'- 200' either way of assigned altitude. It can wander more than that and I like to fly more accurately anyway without having to spend so much time nudging the stick back and forth. That's what I think this gadget will work well for.
You are right about the board costs. My electrical guru has ordered boards from this company before and the first one or two are $100 or so and the next ones are much less. Hence my postings here and the canard forums looking for interest, if not for the whole unit at least for the boards to build their own. It seems many RV builders are putting very nice stuff in their planes. I've got other things to spend money on and I think this will do me just fine and will post the results if anyone is interested.
Thanks again George, I much appreciate the time you take to provide great input. I have a CHT question coming up and look forward to your thought on that.
Dave V.

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