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Originally Posted by rfinch View Post
Interested in this but don't want to duplicate if a neighbor one block over is running an iGate. Is there a map or list of iGates in the USA?
check out this link

and watch the local traffic to see which igate traffic is being ported to the net.

It will be the last call sign in the path.

You can then search for those igates and see where they are located. Sometimes WX stations are also igates, sometimes not. There is no set standard for igate markings. Sometimes they are dimonds, sometimes green stars.

As for Janekom question about bandwidth. I have no idea. I would say it probably isnt a problem since the amount if traffic is so small that is being send and read. This would also depend on the amount of packets you are sending to the internet as well. I would set one up and see how busy your igate actually is.
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