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Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
Very nice read and enjoyed the photos. I like the interior finish of your plane!! Too late for mine but would be interesting to know how you did it. Your build link would not work for me.
The interior is simply Rustoleum Stone Gray. It has proven very durable and should be easy to retouch, although I've never had to. It's nice and light.

Originally Posted by danny View Post
OK, I'm a softy for pups. How about a picture of Suri and her new sibling once they get to know each other a bit?
Had to ask...
Originally Posted by rjtjrt View Post
Great trip to get a fantastic pup.
Love Ridgebacks.
For Suri it must have been a big, strange day - look where her tail is in the family photo on the ground.
I know she will settle in when she gets to her new forever home with her great new family.
Suri is adapting well and Pete is being a great big brother. I'll add more photos later.
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