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Originally Posted by Mike S View Post

There have been modifications to the baggage bulkhead-----a few threads on that. You need to do an advanced search and do not forget to reset the time in the drop down "Find posts from" to "any date" in the search window, lower left area.

Beware the baggage bulkhead is a structural item, this mod is something that must be done with that in mind to make sure the strength is not compromised.

Here is one example.

I too have been thinking about something like this. But instead of just an inspection door, might be nice to be able to extend the baggage area to accommodate long items like skis, beach umbrellas, golf bag, etc..

My Cessna is designed that way basically with a raised "shelf" type enclosure on the bottom underneath which the various avionics, servos, control cables, etc. live providing an extended baggage compartment on top for such long items. I never put anything too heavy back there, but it sure is a convenient feature.

Anyone know if anyone has put any thought/design/engineering into anything like that for the 10? Understand that bulkhead is structural but perhaps it would be possible to reinforce that area somehow and allow for a large permanent baggage opening in the middle of the tail cone?

Admittedly I'm still very early in my build and so cannot really visualize the tail cone yet other than what I can see in the plans, so there could be something obvious I'm missing and perhaps its just not feasible...?
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