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Okay, I gave it a shot last night and am happy to report that with proper planning and plenty of patience, it is possible to remove the ill placed fitting through the fuel sender hole.

I removed the fuel sender being careful to not strip the screws since they had proseal on them. I then safety wired my adjustable wrench to the front spar so I wouldn't lose it forever in the tank. I preadjusted the wrench and snaked it in the tank. Using a magnet extension wand, I was able to manuever the wrench into place on both the tubing flare nut and the bulkhead nut. Then I just tipped the tank on end to get the nut and small length of tubing I had attached to the inside nipple.

All this took me about 30 minutes and tired out my two fingers that I was able to fit in the hole, but in my opinion better than cutting a hole in the tank.

Next step is to patch the original hole from the outside using some AD41H rivets and a small patch and then relocate the AN fitting towards the leading edge on the other side of the vent fitting.
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